Friday, April 30, 2010


I am currently in the Seattle airport awaiting my flight to Beijing. Unlike last year, where I flew into Los Angeles and had a 14-hour layover, my flight only has about a 2-hour layover and I'm in Seattle this time. I will not fly into Korea (like I did last year) - my flight goes directly from the US. It's kind of weird to think that the next time I set foot on land, I will be halfway across the world, in a different hemisphere, culture and time zone.

The picture above is not one that I took but it's exactly what I saw outside of my plane window - the beautiful snow-covered mountains of Washington. I woke up from a short nap to find the entire ground covered in bright white snow with the mountain peaks bulging from the surface of the earth. I miss mountains and am very excited to see them again in Asia... and hopefully climb one again this year!

I will arrive in Beijing around 4pm (4am USA time). Carrie and I will go right to our hotel at Peking University and then maybe out to dinner. I am still exhausted from finals week at school, so I am looking forward to getting some sleep eventually.

Not sure what my internet situation will be like in Beijing - I've been told I'll have it in my room - but I will try to update this blog as much and as soon as possible with pictures and adventure updates. It also depends what kinds of internet bans China has on Blogspot this year. One never knows.

Thanks for following and I'll write soon from CHINA!

Bon voyage,

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